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RetroLove-The Song

When it spilled from the dashboard as
    we drove
to the shore in my yellow Oldsmobile
    with the top down
and then again from the dial-tuned
    77WABC, transistor radio...

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Find it in the young men, their low-slung
and unstrung shoes, shuttling down the

Above, the El expresses itself down
    Broad Street
expresses us up to the high floor hustle...

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Highway Driving

You were using the calm voice, low
    and unflappable,
as he accelerated and merged and
    centered himself
between the broken white lines...

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Flood Stage

When the Mississippi crests far above
    flood stage,
it eventually floods itself back into
    its tributaries
and becomes one itself—a tributary
    I mean—no longer...

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All of this and all I know are branches,
nature's chance encounters,
roots of choices, echoed voices speak.

My faith is in the questions...

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Note: "Transmutation," based on the life of Charles Darwin, was set to music by composer Andrew Litts as part of "Dialogues with Darwin," a collaborative project between the American Philosophical Society and Network for New Music.

Reasons for Disbelieving

You are tangled
in my thoughts
this day after
long distance night....

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Long-lost characters

In the heirloom photo, three women
sepia and close-mouthed, enduring
bad teeth or a grim Kiev winter....

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ex libris

We want
to own these

turn pages
of knowledge

into what we know...

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The Ten Suggestions

Let this come first.
What you have can be enough...

... continue

Note: "The Ten Suggestions" was set to music by composer Alexis Ford.  .